Automotive-grade lithium battery technology optimizes the charging process by automatically adapting to the motor's output and enhances energy accumulation. The discharge critical point of the 18650 automobile-grade lithium battery cells can be adjusted dynamically to stimulate the potential of each battery cell and allowing for an increased driving range. The battery pack weighs only 3kg and runs for 16 kilometers on a single charge.

The capacity of automotive-grade lithium battery is about 30% higher than that of ordinary battery cell. Dynamic balance algorithm of charging can achieve longer battery life and fully exert the efficiency of each cell.

Autour’s plug-type Li-ion battery pack can be removed and charged independently. Lighter and smaller than a traditional battery pack of the same capacity, this allows easy installation and convenient charging.


2.5 hours Fast Charging

Thanks to fast charging, it only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the lithium battery
  • 最快仅需2.5小时

    10Ah capacity, allowed to be on board of airplane

    The battery meets air regulations so that it can be taken on long-distance travel
  • 最快仅需2.5小时

    24V, continuous power output

    Continuous power output, increase endurance mileage

18650 Automotive-grade Li-ion Power System Technology
10 Protection Function for the Battery Cell Safety

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