Is it a wheelchair that won the trend design award?

Magic Wheel is honored to receive the trend design award of China International Consumer Electronics Expo (SINOCES) 2018 in Qingdao.

At first glance, the autour doesn't look like a scooter or wheelchair at all.

It's the size of an ordinary office chair. The seat in the upper part looks like the first class cabin of an airplane. The back and armrest are connected together to form a round and smooth surface.

It is said that only the most advanced industrial products in the world will make all hard surfaces in sight into such continuous class a surfaces.
BMW, which is familiar to us, as well as aim altitude, a supplier of first-class seats for luxury aircraft.

Although complex design will increase the cost of manufacturing process, such curved surface design can make users have a softer visual and tactile feeling, and avoid personal injury caused by sharp edges and corners. Looking down, underneath the seat, connected by an angle, is a miniature version of the car chassis.

Four 10 inch rubber tires, steady and motionless, stand tall.
The unique pattern design on the tire is similar to the Michelin tire used in Mercedes Benz E-class car. It looks stable and reliable, with first-class grip performance.

There is a wide pedal between the two front wheels, whose length and width reach an amazing 37 * 26cm. You know, a pair of 45 size feet, also need 29 * 21cm position to place.

Such a large pedal area is enough for people to sit on and move as much as they want. It doesn't matter if you cross your legs or sit cross legged.
In contrast, the pedals of traditional wheelchairs, only 10 * 10cm in size, can be put on the toes or heels, and half of the feet can be lifted for a long time, which makes people want to go crazy.

Why are the pedals designed so small in traditional wheelchairs that when people sit on them, there is no place for their feet to be placed?
In fact, it is due to the limitation of design structure. The traditional wheelchair is a metal frame structure, without a solid and stable chassis. When people are standing, they can not step on the foot pedal, otherwise they will roll over and easily cause personal injury. To get on the bus, the foot must be placed in front of the seat (that is, at the pedal). Therefore, the pedals of traditional wheelchairs need to be turned up when they are not in the riding state, otherwise they can't get on at all.

Hummingbird's design team, in order to solve the traditional wheelchair "do not step on the car, step on the car on the rollover" dilemma, learn from the car chassis design, made can
A structure that allows people to step on the pedals to get on
This special chassis is made up of metal and rubber structural parts, which firmly connects the four tires and the motor together. At the same time, the balance structure design of the whole vehicle also allows the user to step on the front pedal directly and get on the car from the front, which also ensures that the car will not roll over.

Approach the car body from the side, lift the armrest up slightly, it is light and smooth, without any extra noise and jamming.
Lift one leg, step on the pedal, and then lean slightly to place the hip on the integrated cushion.
Then, the other foot also moved to the pedal, the armrest slowly down.
During the whole process, the car did not move. Whether it was stepping on the pedal, sitting on the seat, or lifting and lowering the armrest, the firm brake grip made people feel very relieved.

Now, I'm in the car. The wonderful feeling of sitting in the hummingbird cart is like sitting in a ball of cotton with supporting force. It's soft and not too soft.
Ergonomic design
The cushions and cushions designed according to the direction of human bones and muscles are so soft and just right that they can support the spine and tail vertebrae without oppressing the muscles of the back and buttocks.

At this time, the armrests on both sides are like two open arms, slightly inward buckle, supporting your arms that will naturally tilt inward by 3 degrees.
Its width, narrow one will feel, wide one minute will be redundant, is also so just right.
And the armrest height tailored for your figure can also make your forearm put on the armrest with upright end, which will make you shrug when you are higher, and you will feel sad if you are lower than one point.
That's exactly how it feels. After you sit on it, your arms and shoulders feel extremely pressed.

Hands, will be placed in front of the armrest naturally.
A hand, will gently cover the shape of the mouse rocker, its height, just fit the arch of the back of the hand.
Under the other hand, there is a four point button, which can be easily pressed either by the index finger or by the thumb.

Everyone has had this experience. Some chairs, sitting, will slide down, slowly become Ge You paralysis.
Or, if you sit down, you're going to lean forward, hunch, and huddle. No matter what kind of sitting posture, people feel very uncomfortable, but do not know what to do.

In fact, this is the consequence of not following the ergonomic design.
The design of hummingbird seat has got the most authoritative academic support in China. According to the big data of Chinese body shape, height and weight, the Royal team of Xiaomi company and the Ergonomics Laboratory of Beijing University of science and technology carried out more than 10 comprehensive optimization and upgrading, including promoting blood circulation, preventing fatigue, preventing body injury, and adjusting the stress of lumbar support.
All your heart is for the comfort of your ride.
Because we know, ordinary chair, if sitting uncomfortable, just change it.
And this special chair is taken for a long time. Even if there is a degree of error, it will make the user's riding experience worse and even cause health damage. We should be careful, careful, and careful.
The final seat, even if you ride for a long time, can effectively disperse the pressure, care for the natural curve of the human body, and will not feel back pain.

Is comfort enough?
Not at all.
We also hope that this chair can not only accompany you at home, but also take you Travel all over the world The front wheels of the car look strange. In fact, it's an omnidirectional design.
24 groups of small universal wheels are put together to form an omni-directional wheel that looks like an ordinary tire. This wheel can not only turn forward and backward, but also turn horizontally to the left and right!

The unique design of the tire creatively combines the flexibility and obstacle surmounting, allowing you to control almost all scenes in your life.
With hummingbird open, you can move flexibly at home, whether it is to wash hands in the bathroom or to pour boiling water in the kitchen;

Open hummingbird, you can easily go out, ordinary threshold, elevator groove, can not hold 10 inch omnidirectional tire;

With the hummingbird, you can easily control the uneven or soft roads in the park, whether it is the stone pavement, cobblestone road, or grass

With the hummingbird open, you can go to the supermarket market directly. You are smart enough to walk through the shelves. The oversized basket can let you put more than ten kilograms of fruits and vegetables

With the hummingbird, you can also take the subway, cross the city to meet your friends, have a good meal, and recall the past.

Even the hummingbird can be split into three pieces and put into the trunk of a car. When accompanied by people, they can take the hummingbird and go out to play in the distance.

And, the hummingbird can also take you to fly over the mountains, to distant cities. Because, the lightweight lithium-ion battery, the power guarantee happens to be able to take on the plane. Whether you are going to Sanya to kill time on the beach, or to Suzhou and Hangzhou to visit Xizi lake, hummingbirds will be a perfect companion.

Mr. Zhang Dihua, President of China Electric Scooter Association for the elderly, commented that hummingbird "has elegant appearance, rich sense of the times, innovative operating system, comfortable driving, easy disassembly and assembly, which has played a subversive role in the industry."

At the test drive meeting organized by us, Mr. Zhang from Hebei province directly ordered two sets for his parents.
Mr. Wang from Beijing used to be a senior engineer of a large state-owned enterprise in Beijing. After seeing the information on the Internet, he found the company's office address before we had a pre-sale. He made a cash reservation and gave it to his wife.
Jingdong, which has always been known for its strict requirements on products, has also thrown olive branches to hummingbirds, urging us to launch crowdfunding in the period of 618 promotion.
On the day of launch, dozens of units were sold without any promotion means.

Magic Wheel, the first batch of products will be shipped in September with a limit of 100 units. Previously, 58 units have been ordered through Jingdong crowdfunding and offline test drive channels, and the remaining 42 units will be sold out.
The original price of hummingbird is 16800. During the pre-sale period in August, the limited time special price is 9800.
As long as it is less than the price of an iPhone x, give it to yourself and your family, and have the freedom to go and travel independently.