Permanent-magnet Synchronous Motor with Chain Tail Electromagnetic Brake

The use of a new brushless permanent magnet motor achieves up to a 92.6% motor conversion rate and efficiently reduces power loss. Strong driving power, responsive and noiseless operation; Equipped with a Chain Tail electromagnetic brake, pick-up distance is as small as 0.13mm-0.18m and the response is fast. Brakes when the joystick is released and there's no sliding on slopes, ensuring safe driving.

Prompt Response – Rapid Braking

The automatic electromagnetic braking system means that the brakes
engage promptly when the joystick is released.

Climb and Park – No Sliding on the Slope

The double 150W permanent magnet synchronous motor means that the brakes release when the scooter is on or engage when off, so you don’t have to worry about sliding on slopes. Equipped with a specially designed anti-tip bar, Magic Wheel A1 can drive up inclines up to 13 degrees, and won’t tip backward even on steep slopes.
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