Automotive-Grade Lithium System Technology

The installed AI lithium power system is not only just battery technology but also an efficient power system solution

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Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor with Chain Tail Electromagnetic Brake
The use of a new brushless permanent magnet motor achieves up to a 92.6% motor conversion rate and efficiently reduces power loss. Strong driving power, responsive and noiseless operation; Equipped with a Chain Tail electromagnetic brake, pick-up distance is as small as 0.13mm-0.18m and the response is fast. Brakes when the joystick is released and there's no sliding on slopes, ensuring safe driving.
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Fifth-Generation Mecanum Omni Wheel
Innovative Design
When moving in a straight line, the wheel complex only rotates forward or backward as a whole, which allows for the easy circumnavigation of obstacles. When turning, the small wheels in contact with the ground will rotate laterally. The fifth-generation Mecanum Omni Wheel reacts faster and more accurately. This design is a huge advance from caster wheels found on traditional electric wheelchairs.
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