Designed for a stylish, convenient and comfortable way to travel

We are committed to creating an independent, comfortable, and dignified mode of transport via an innovative and well-designed scooter. This device can meet the needs of its many varied users through several different aspects, while also making their travel experience more convenient. This was our vision at the beginning of product development, and one that we chased with confidence.


360°all-round protection,
Easy start and easy handling, make your ride more convenient


Unique streamlined bodywork and customized service
Connecting modern aesthetics with a cool design, creating a better brand of scooter


A traditional scooter's footboard is usually very small, causing discomfort to the user
Magic Wheel's 260mm*350mm pedal and enlarged footboard effectively alleviate leg fatigue


Selected T-sens cushion designed in Japan,
Effective body pressure dispersion, waterproof, antiskid, bedsore proof, air permeable and flame retardant

  • 位图

    Body pressure distribution without cushion

  • vs
  • 位图

    The distribution of body pressure (10 minutes later)
    the pressure disappeared and the contact area increased

8 Ergonomic Designs

Freedom of hand control, free adjustment without restraint

Seat size can be adjusted to meet the needs of people of different weights and heights
Reduces waist stress, knee wear, and helps to avoid chronic injury

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