Magic Wheel A1

A scooter that will guide you around the world with ease

Traverse Freely in Six Different Road Conditions

The road is not slippery in rainy and snowy days

#Fifth Generation Mecanum Omni Wheel#

Across the mountains and sea, fearless of the difficulty or danger Seize every opportunity to prove yourself

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Free passage on bumpy road

#Omnidirectional wheel with innovation patent#

Choose your way, Wherever you want to go, there is no place you can't reach

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13°steep slope

#Plenty of Power#

Explore the places you once considered unreachable

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6cm steps

#Obstacle Surmounting#

Whatever you may encounter outside, it all can be effortlessly traversed

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Turning radius 76cm small space

#Ingenious Bodywork Design#

Smooth spinning on a dime Unleash your confidence and unbind your soul

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Free access to public transport

#Ingenious Bodywork Design#

How to quantify the broadness of the world?

Measure the space you have free access to

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