A Scooter with 50 wheels -- Go wherever you want

Each front Omni Wheel consists of 24 smaller wheels, giving the scooter a total of 50 wheels. The Magic Wheel is a real all-terrain mobility device, giving easy access onto public transport as well as stress-free maneuvering up or down steep slopes and over dips in the road.

Stable Main Axles

The scooter's main front axle doesn’t rotate when the scooter is in motion, but rather the large front wheels, composed of 24 smaller wheels, do. Ninety-six flexible and stable precision bearings reduce friction and prevent the front wheels from losing control, realizing more accurate steering.

A ‘4’ type shock absorbing structure

A ‘4’ type bodywork structure with tertiary shock-absorbing technology and stronger spring-back resistance, effectively reducing the discomfort caused by bumps and improving the driving experience.
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